Women's “THE ART OF PLAY” Workshop

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My heart is SO FULL from spending time with these ladies in the studio! THANK YOU for being brave, opening your heart to try new things, and being YOU! I was so encouraged by all of these gals… new friends and old. Both Thursday and Friday nights were full of fun, laughter, and not taking ourselves so seriously.

My hope is that the women left the workshop feeling energized, inspired and encouraged to BE who they were made to be - unique, amazing women capable of ALL kinds of creating, making, and enjoying life!

We began the evening with introductions, practiced blind contour drawings, then wrapped up with PLAYING - creating a series of mixed media abstracts, and eventually working on our journal covers. We talked about making time to create, self-care, and (OF COURSE) The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. I also brought out a few favorite inspirational magazines and books: Flow Magazine, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, and 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life by Flow Magazine.

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This was the description these brave women signed up for (and hopefully what they experienced):

Do you feel that you’re creative - but need a spark to begin making again? Do you feel like you “should” be making art - but aren’t? Do you love to paint and explore, but always put it off - caring for other priorities instead? Do you just want to come be free and MAKE ART one evening with amazing women?

If there was a resounding “YES!” to any of these questions, come join us in the studio for this special women’s workshop. When KIDS are hosted in the art studio, they are encouraged to be FREE and PLAY. And put away perfectionism and expectations. Guess what…we women need that, too!

This time of freedom and exploration of different art mediums will inspire you to “begin again!” This workshop is for ALL levels…novices and pros both welcome.

i look forward to seeing y’all soon in the studio! there will certainly be more of creative evenings like this!

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