Displaying Kid's Artwork

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I’ve had many parents ask this great question: WHAT is the bet way to display my kid’s awesome artwork?!” I personally HOARD my kids’ artwork…it’s my favorite item to find all crunched up in their backpacks! Ha!

I can’t wait to show you how it’s done!

click on the photo below to watch the previously recorded video - PHENOMENAL tips & tricks for your kid’s fab artworks! (or your own artworks…you awesome grown-ups!)


Don’t stress! Hanging up and showing off your kids’ artwork should NOT induce anxiety!

It’s best to find a place in your home that can handle ALL the goods - as in, ART EVERYWHERE! This could be your laundry room, a stairwell, a playroom, a wall in your child’s room, or even a bathroom! Let them know their artwork gives you joy and pride. Mix up some colorful/fun family photos with your artworks for an extra special pop.

Your child’s artwork will mature and evolve as they grow older, and I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that you should not have to “change out” artworks each year. Just keep adding works to create their “art journeys” made visible. It is so common for children to look at their work from the past (even last year) and say they don’t like it…your job is to remind them of how much they grow each year, and how PROUD you are of their work! If they are absolutely determined to have a piece taken down, then by all means honor that…but usually a situation like that is a great chance to talk to your awesome artist about growth and maturity as an artist, and grace towards themselves!



-sticky white stuff


-ruler, if needed

frame options:



8.5”x11” FRAMES

11”x14” FRAMES

11”X17” FRAMES

the most delicious laundry detergent to mix with a fragrance-free detergent

RUG (be sure to measure your space!)

You can DO this! Yay!

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