In the blood... / by LIZA SNYDER

There is this girl I know. She just celebrated her 21st birthday and she is one of my most favorite people in the whole world. We actually share names, as well as neighboring spots on a family tree...she is my precious niece and I am eternally grateful she is part of my story, and I hers. My sister gave birth to her when I was fourteen.

With divorced parents, a new move in the middle of middle school, early signs of what I now see was depression...fourteen years of age was a hard one. And I was desperately trying to find my way in this world with kindred spirits in a tiny beach town. Turns out one of my kindred spirits made her way on the scene that year. 

I've watched her live discover life and learn how to make her mark. Her artistry, passion, creativity, and truth-seeking has led her down the road of music-making. You can have a taste of her heart and story-telling here:

I'm infinitely proud of who she is - she is a delight to me and we call one another soul-sisters. Here's to you, this beautiful sunny day, my beautiful Liza Anne.