In the beginning... / by LIZA SNYDER

...was a little (big) girl who lived by the bay, quite near the bright sprawling green sea. She lived in a cottage with a sweet, kind boy and together they shared a life with three precious tinier folks (ages 9,6 and 3), 2 dogs, 1 housecat and 1 visiting feral cat who visited daily to be fed. Her sweet kind boy built her a studio in their house and she began to "play" again...for the first time in 12 years...with art - paints, pastels, papers, scissors and sharpies.

She found that her past experiences with art and schooling had to be washed away with that sprawling sea tide...that it was best to remember there are "seasons" of creating and being a beginner again. So with just a little courage (and the help of another artist friend) she began asking the Heavens to help relieve some of the angst she felt about what she "knew" about art, and to help her be a beginner again.

So that's where she is today, beginning again. And happy to be doing so.