After school special... / by LIZA SNYDER

This past Friday, after Bay Elementary rang the last bell, a good friend rode the bus home with my other two kids and we had a visit in my studio.

Aiden's mom had texted me earlier in the week to ask if he could interview me, a "professional artist" for an art class project. I laughed heartily. Because I am not, indeed, a "professional artist." Instead, I'd like to call myself a "professional run-down-to-the-studio for an hour because there's where my paints are and that's where I invite God in and we laugh and play and make marks, usually with color, on paper and canvas and walls." Yes, that's better.

Having him in my studio for a short while reminded me of this Picasso quote, above. 

Aiden had really great questions to ask and it was a delightful visit. I was humbled he asked me for the interview, and I can't wait to see the project. Thank you, Aiden, for reminding me of why I make stuff. Thank you, as well, for asking the question, "How long have you been creating art?" I shifted a little in my seat when asked he that question. Because I always loved to make things, and then I went off to undergrad to learn how to make things better, than I forgot how to make things. Literally. For twelve years. And then I woke up from a long long slumber and began again. The beauty is that God was still there with me, all those years, through all that anger and yuck of "not' making things. He was there for the years when I put everything else ahead of making art. It wasn't a waste to me now. Those years were formative years...there was joy as well as yuck, there was great love and children coming into the world and caring for a sick father. There was shame and angst over choices I knew were not "right," And then there was the beginning of freedom. The taste of redemption and a true new beginning occurred a little over five years ago. It's been up and down since that time, but everything changed one summer. And beginning again as a "creator" didn't come until after that...a little over a year ago.  I had to honestly tell Aiden, "I've really just begun again. A little over a year ago." His eyes got wide. I think mine crinkled in laughter a little.

So today, I want to be more like Aiden, the sweet boy who came to visit on Friday. I want to have wide-eyes and ask lots of questions too.


Special thanks to Mary B for asking me on Aiden's behalf. Love my village, too.